All this week I’ve been reviewing the Oscar nominees for best short animation, which open Friday at Landmark’s Century Centre. Check out the Bleader for previous installments.

Pixar always cleans up at Oscar time, but if its sweet, slight La Luna beats out Dimanche, A Morning Stroll, or The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore, we’ll know the fix is really in. Director Enrico Casarosa applies the studio’s rich digital style to a tall tale in which two old fishermen and their young charge climb a ladder into the sky and prowl around a small, moon-like satellite covered with luminescent, star-shaped gold rocks. The old guys are nicely realized, their dialogue a succession of wordless vocalizations, though the kid is standard-issue childhood wonder, with giant eyes and a tiny mouth. The short is over before it even gets started, in the fashion of something cooked up to introduce a blockbuster feature. A brief clip follows the jump.