Other Music, the superb New York record store that created a niche for itself by almost exclusively selling music on the margins (categorized under rubrics like In, Out, Then, and Now), has just launched a site to sell downloads, Other Music Digital. So far the offerings are limited and some of the featured labels—Merge, Matador, and Carpark, to name just a few—are readily available at other download outlets. But the site does include some harder-to-find imprints, such as the Finnish psych label Fonal and the Current 93-affiliated Durtro Jnana. Individual MP3s—320kbps and DRM-free—are $1.11, while entire albums run $9.99. It seems inevitable that more and more shops and random entrepreneurs will try to compete in the download market, which would only bode well for the consumer. Fingers crossed, everything ever released will eventually be available for download.