Proof of voting will get you more than just a free tall coffee at Starbucks today:

Barista Coffee House will be giving out free Metropolis coffee with a show of your election receipt.

Bring proof you voted to your local Ben & Jerry’s between 5 and 8 PM and receive a free scoop of ice cream (any flavor in a cone or cup).

Local Krispy Kremes won’t be giving out the patriotic star-shaped sprinkled doughnuts advertised on the chain’s national Web site, but they won’t require an “I Voted” sticker either. Just drop by and say you visited the polls and get a free doughnut.

Moonshine in Wicker Park is hosting a free election party (with special guests Alderman Manny Flores and the First Ward Young Democrats) from 7 PM till 2 AM. Anyone with proof they voted can help themselves to the hot dog bar, featuring American franks and all the trimmings.

At Wiener and Still Champion (802 Dempster, 847-869-0100) in Evanston, proof of voting gets you a free small order of double-fried french fries–they’re calling them “freedom fries.”