Last week Daily Candy mentioned that the French-inspired boutique Ouest, which recently moved from the West Loop to Wicker Park, has started selling its own line of clothes.

I spoke with manager Lara Heffernan to find out more. She said she and owner Kelly Bry really wanted to offer some classic, sophisticated wardrobe staples under $300 but couldn’t find anything that fit the bill on buying trips.”We still carry high-end pieces, but we didn’t wanted to close off that market” of more price-conscious consumers, she said.  So they decided to DIY.

The basic yet romantic spring designs, rendered in summer-friendly cotton and jersey, are a collaboration between Heffernan and Bry and are produced by a tailor in Chicago. Prices start at about $150 and go up to $300. That’s still not exactly affordable by a lot of people’s standards, but then it’s very French to pay more for quality.