In case you hadn’t heard, Monday was Illinois night at the Democratic National Convention–the time for some of our freshest and finest public servants to address the country. How’d they do? Here’s what Ben and Mick thought:

Illinois Senate president Emil Jones: B-. At least he managed to make it through his remarks without calling anyone an Uncle Tom.

Illinois comptroller Dan Hynes: B+. Another gracious “I had the name and advantages but this guy was the real deal” speech helps confirm his place in history as the Irish kid who was supposed to beat Obama but ended up his biggest, classiest fan.

Illinois treasurer Alexi Giannoulias: C. Said he couldn’t have begun a career in public service without the “example” set by Barack Obama … but somehow neglected to mention that it was Obama’s smiling endorsement on all those billboards that lifted him past Mike Madigan’s guy in the 2006 primary.

Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan: C. We have to admit she’s been a pleasant surprise as attorney general, but in a national speech you need to come up with better stories than the times you ate sandwiches with Obama.

SEIU state president Tom Balanoff: C+. Took the always bold stand against poverty for working families.

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr: A. Most stirring speech of the night–why didn’t this guy run for mayor, again? Well, maybe he was thinking senator all along …

City Clerk Miguel del Valle: Incomplete. Did anyone actually see him take the stage? Sorry, Miguel, most of us were still broken up over Senator Kennedy’s dramatic appearance.

Oregon State basketball coach and Obama brother-in-law Craig Robinson: A-. We always thought Northwestern should have hired him as head coach.

Michelle Obama: A-. Good speech, strong delivery, broad appeal. Maybe she should run for mayor.