Unsere Afrikareise

  • “Unsere Afrikareise”

Austrian filmmaker Peter Kubelka spent five years scrambling and reassociating images and sounds from a 1961 African hunting trip into the 12-minute Unsere Afrikareise, screening Monday 3/15 in a free program of landscape films at the School of the Art Institute.

“There is often a temptation to read direct thematic statements in many of the film’s articulations. Editing connections are continually made on the white hunters’ gazes, hand gestures, and gun-pointing, linking those actions to suggest the Europeans’ aggression toward their surroundings,” Fred Camper writes in Film Reference.

“Kubelka’s cuts often suggest that a European has just ‘shot’ an African, or the forest itself. The Africans, by contrast, appear as part of nature, rather than separate from it. It would be a serious mistake, however, to limit one’s perception of the film to such themes…The viewer is ultimately led out of time, to contemplate these connections in memory, and to regard the film as if it were a monument erected as a record of civilization, not as a statement on it but as a kind of totem for it.”