Its a remix

  • It’s a remix

Last weekend Atlanta rapper and Outkast member Big Boi posted a remix of Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” on his Soundcloud page. The track first appeared on the R&B crooner’s excellent Channel Orange, and the original includes a contribution from Big Boi’s beloved old rap buddy, Andre 3000; the two haven’t made a proper Outkast album since 2006’s Idlewild soundtrack. And because both members of Outkast appear on Big Boi’s “Pink Matter” remix, many folks cast it as a kinda-sorta Outkast reunion, much to Andre’s chagrin.

Yesterday Andre took a break from doing his “Gillette shit” to talk with Spin magazine and clear the air about the “Pink Matter” remix as well as his involvement in a reworked version of a recent T.I. track that Andre appears on called “Sorry.” As he told Spin, his contributions to those tracks were as a solo artist and there was no talk of them being part of some Outkast project: