Our March 30 Uptown Issue–the first in a new series about city neighborhoods–included exhaustive restaurant listings for what’s an incredibly diverse dining ‘hood. Exhaustive, but as it turns out, not comprehensive. Several of you have written in to tell us about a couple of spots we missed:

Dollop Coffee, at 4181 N. Clarendon, is “noted for its ambience and gossip,” says Nancy Snider. Run by Phil Tadros, formerly of Chase Cafe, Dollop’s been open for three years or so serving Metropolis coffee, Hoosier Mama pies, sandwiches and salads from Eat Green Foods, and pastries from Bleeding Heart. There’s free WiFi, but no entertainment, says Tadros: “We wanted to make it a place where you could come hang out but also get work done.” (Tadros notes, as an aside, that he’s starting an online social network, MetroProper, out of the office above the coffee shop.)

The Urban Tea Lounge, at 838 W. Montrose is a “wonderful, not-so-recent addition to the neighborhood,” writes reader Amy Levin. In addition to a range of teas (from Metropolis, Serendipity, and Intelligentsia) the shop also serves coffee, sandwiches, and pastries. It also offers a daily high tea–a three-tiered tray of scones, sandwiches, etc–for $15 a head. But according to co-owner CeCe Anderson, it looks like the place is going to close at the end of the month. She and her husband, Hank, have run the UTL for three years and they’re tired. “We really, really love it,” she says, “but it’s a 24-hour-a-day job and it’s just hard.” The business is paying for itself, but it’s not providing enough of an income for the pair and their six-year-old daughter. They’re looking for a buyer, and CeCe says they’ve had some nibbles, but nothing solid yet. In the meantime, a going-out-of-business sale runs through April. Teapots, infusers, and other, similar merch is marked down 20 percent this week, 30 percent next week, and 40 percent the week after that.

They’ll continue to offer high tea till they don’t have a tray left to serve it on. And if you’re looking to buy a tea shop, give CeCe a ring at 773-907-8726.