Sure it doesn’t work now, but once we have a camera on every street corner, then maybe no one will do anything wrong ever.

“The software used to run the system [Operation Virtual Shield, a collaboration between IBM and the Office of Emergency Management and Communications] will be able to recognize specific license plates, vehicle descriptions, and even patterns of behavior. If someone drops a briefcase on the El platform and it stays unattended for more than a minute, the system could alert the OEMC, which could then dispatch police officers to the scene.

“‘You’re talking about creating (something) that knows no fatigue, no boredom and is absolutely focused,’ an OEMC spokesperson told the AP.”

They won’t rob or kill you, either, which is good, but I’d rather see them invent a predictive network that would make the cops’ lawyers better at their jobs. It’s worth noting, however, that the surveillance cuts both ways, and that’s a good thing, when we need to be protected from our protectors. Slashdot, as always, has a great discussion, although to the person who said that the cameras are really needed at City Hall, welcome to the future.

In other look-out-ma-we’re-using-technology news, the WiMax broadband standard looks to be coming to Chicago. People seem to be WiMaxited, but this gives me the creeps for reasons I can’t put my finger on:

“‘A whole generation will grow up with no concept of having to go search for the answer to anything,’ he said. ‘With a device or devices they hold in their hands, they will have instant access to every song, every book, every movie. They’ll always be four seconds away from knowing anything.'”

And with luck, the radiation will help us grow second heads to store all that new information.