From the unbylined March 10 Open and Shut-tered post by Matt Wood on the Sun-Times Our Town blog:

Muqdisho – You would think the storefront space on Lincoln, just north of Diversey, would be prime real estate. But after numerous closings here (Parmigian and Calliope Café the most recent) you wonder if the place is cursed or something. Enter Muqdisho, a new Somali (the name is an alternate spelling of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia) café. What can you expect from a place serving food from Somalia? (And what do you call the people? Somalis? Somalians? Somalites?) Well, we’ve heard Ethiopian dishes with a French influence, whatever that means.

Nice to see the S-T investing in another experienced, curious, and open-minded food writer. The squib links to a Centerstage blurb that’s a bit more informed and lot less embarrassing.