It’s been a rough spring for outdoor drinking—cool weather and torrential rains don’t make for ideal patio-sitting conditions. But now that it’s almost summer, the weather is starting to cooperate a little better, and the forecast for the next week looks almost perfect (except for that chance of rain). I’ve gotten a chance, in between downpours, to check out a few bar patios recently; below are my current favorites for outdoor imbibing.

The patio at Parson’s Chicken & Fish is enormous, though the long picnic tables aren’t ideal for private conversations. Up until today the restaurant didn’t serve food outside, which made it fairly easy to get a seat there for drinks, but this evening they’re going to start seating people at outdoor tables for dinner. It’ll be nice to be able to get some fried chicken while drinking outside, as long as the crowds don’t make sitting on the patio at all completely impossible.