It puzzles me that a story can sweep the Internet but in the local print press receive not a peep. There’s been nothing in the papers on Paul Potts even though he’s been reducing ink-stained wretches of the most hardened variety to blubbering fools all over America — including the two grizzled press veterans who pointed me to Potts and guaranteed he’d have me sobbing. Whether he did or not is between me and Potts. But for an explanation of why he might have, there’s no improving on the anonymous reflections posted by blogger Jonah Goldberg, heretofore known to me as a conservative columnist with whom I rarely agree.

Potts, if you don’t know, is a shy cell phone salesman from Cardiff, Wales Bristol, who thought he could sing. So he got up in front of the judges (Simon Cowell among them) on a the American Idol-type show Britain’s Got Talent and sang “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Turandot. As you will see from his performance on You Tube, which has been watched well over five million times in the past week, he gave Cowell and the others a little more than they expected.

Did he win? After you’ve seen the clip you’ll be dying to know. Potts is a phenomenon, and though there’s no way to do justice to that phenomenon in print, I’m a little surprised no one in Chicago’s tried.