For a long time there’s only been one place I’ve stayed while on tour in LA, and that’s West Hollywood’s Le Parc Suite Hotel. Bands have been staying there for years, and for good reason. It’s nestled back a couple of blocks from the intersection of La Cienega and Melrose, so most people would never know that, say, a couple of movie stars were staying there, or see the two tour buses. Your suite has a bedroom, a balcony, and a fireplace, there’s easy laundry (important), and the roof has a tennis court and a pool. The first hotel I ever stayed in that had free Internet! (Remember in the early 2000s when wireless was still kind of weird? To this day I carry a cat-5 cable in my travel bag from when we first started staying there.)

I was doing my laundry at this place years ago and saw an amazing yellow motorcycle whose rider had a matching outfit—this was before Kill Bill—and he pulled up right beside me. “Wow, who is this dude?” I thought. “He is really pulling off that look!” It was Peter Fonda. He gave me the nod as he walked by while I was folding my socks. Another time I checked in at 3 AM right before a gentleman who by all appearances was a pimp whose services had been engaged by Snoop Dogg. Yes, he had a bunch of young girls with him in the lobby.