I’ve never been able to say no to people when it comes to work. Who could when such great bands keep calling? I’ve been working for Sonic Youth for seven years and Iron & Wine for three, and miraculously there have been barely any conflicts. This year I’m doing Pavement too, but it’s working out, more or less, because Mark Ibold is pulling double duty on bass in SY and Dan Mapp is tour managing both bands. Dan will have the hardest job in show business when he submits the guest list for the Pavement/Sonic Youth show at the Hollywood Bowl this September!

LA guest lists are legendary and everyone needs VIP treatment whether they’re “very” important or not. Aren’t free tickets and the obligatory free beer backstage enough? Don’t even get me started on all the rider raiders* eating and drinking everything backstage like a swarm of locusts. After working all day and then packing a semi-truck full of PA and backline, all you want is one cold beer. If you’re in LA or New York, everything will be long gone** by the time you get done working, and to top it off some hipster from the guest list will give you a dirty look when you walk in the door wondering where the rest of the free beer is. At the last show Sonic Youth played in LA, someone took so many things from the dressing room that his two grocery bags ripped open and spilled produce and drinks all over the stairs.

* or “liggers” if you’re from the UK. Hope that isn’t offensive slang; it’s one of my favorite words for this.
** Dan usually hides some beer and a pizza from the raiders under a desk for the crew, which is one of the many reasons I love that man.

Anyway, let’s get back on the topic. I work for three amazing bands this year. And one weekend I get to work for all of them. Four days, three bands, and two countries. Can I pull it off?