A whirlwind of good times all day for the hometown show. Well, at least my hometown . . .

It all started with a long bus ride from St. Paul, and I woke up at 9 AM as we were pulling up near Millennium Park. The rest of the crew were still asleep, so I jumped out at a stop light to a perfect day in Chicago. The kind of day that you wait for all year. We have the best weather in the world now—too bad it’s only for a few days! Today, I had a motive to get up and off the bus. I hadn’t seen my wife, Gwen, in two weeks, and Intelligentsia was such a nice place to meet her. I only had an hour before we had to start working, so we grabbed coffee for the crew and walked back to Millennium Park to start setting up the stage for the show.

Now, that's a rosetta! And in a paper cup!
  • Now, that’s a rosetta! And in a paper cup!