The Pitchfork Music Festival. The big gig in my hometown with Pavement. We’ve all been looking forward to this for a long time. I’ve worked this festival a few times for bands and once as an employee of the fest itself. They’ve been some of the hardest shows I’ve ever mixed, actually. In 2007 I did monitors for Sonic Youth on Friday, mixed the first eight-piece Iron and Wine show on Saturday (with no sound check), and then did Stephen Malkmus solo (with Bob Nastanovich on a few numbers) on Sunday. In 2008 I mixed every band on the small stage with 15 minutes between sets and didn’t have time to eat. My only break was to go over to one of the big stages and do monitors for Jarvis Cocker (with no sound check). That show went like this:

Me to Jarvis Cocker: Hello Jarvis, my name is Jeremy. I’ll be doing monitors for you tonight. What do you like to hear?
Jarvis to me: I like everything really loud.
Jarvis to drummer: OK, here we go! One, two, three . . .

The set begins and I age three years.