• Universities across the country take advantage of their student athletes.

Although I’d consider myself a casual fan of all other sports, I wholeheartedly admit to having a (somewhat unhealthy) obsession with college football. Growing up in Oregon, as I did, required two things: that you spend at least three weeks out of the year hiking, and that you pick a team—either the University of Oregon Ducks or the Oregon State University Beavers.

I’m a Duck. And save for a few curious offshoots, so is the rest of my family, which means that for as long as I can remember, college football has been an integral part of my life. I resisted it for a while—most of my high school years were spent wearing dark clothing and vehemently claiming to not give a flying fuck about sports—but I eventually grew to love it. (I’ve even managed to convert a few friends into joining my hysteria).