Back in July I put together a local release roundup that included a mix tape from the rapper Paypa. (Not to be confused with the Paypa from Project Mayhem, though to be honest the situation is pretty confusing.) Though Tunnel Vision was the first many people had heard of that particular Paypa, it was way slicker and more expensive sounding than your average release from an out-of-nowhere Chicago MC. This set me to wondering.

“He’s got better management support than any up-and-coming Chicago rapper in I don’t know how long,” I wrote, “so much that he can slap the names of mix-tape dons DJ Drama and DJ Khaled on the cover, scare up high-gloss beats aimed straight at the bottle-service section, and land exclusive verses by the likes of Rick Ross, the Game, and Jim Jones, all of whom name-check Paypa in their raps (which you know has to cost extra).”

In mid-November USA Today reported that the two CEOs of Behind da Scenes Entertainment, whose main artist is Paypa, were arrested as part of a federal investigation into an alleged cocaine-smuggling ring that used private jets to deliver the drug. Among the 12 other people indicted is a guy with his own clothing line who DJed at Eddie Murphy’s wedding in Bora Bora.

(via Fake Shore Drive)