What a phenomenal market Saturday. Great weather. Peter was well-rested. I was in a good mood. Oh, yeah. The fruit was good, too. Most of it, anyway.

If you’re buying the last of the season on something, it’s probably already too late. Saturday we had the last peaches. If anybody asked me about them, I mostly shrugged — although some people required a sterner warning. It was our last day for melons, too. After last weekend’s rains, Lupe fished the stragglers out of the field. That will have to be it.

You know, it’s been two or three weeks since I’ve even had more than a bite-size sample of peach or melon. Saturday we had 14 kinds of apples, including HoneyCrisp. We sold out of those by 10 AM. (I think these apples could really catch on.)

I love when we have things making a one-time appearance. We had a few items in last weekend’s lineup that we’ll probably only have for one or two markets the entire season — Valstar apples and pear cider.

The pear cider is not fantastically tasty but it is just interesting as hell.

The Valstars are crunchy with an excellent sweet-tart balance. They come off fairly young trees, of which we have only five. Two years ago, when we had even fewer of these apples, Peter set them aside in a bag for me and a few other people.

This year, we put them all out for sale — except for the one I had for breakfast, and the one I took off the table and set gently in my bag before the last basket was sold.