Pelican’s turning ten years old? For real? It doesn’t seem like it’s been anywhere near that long, but this press release says it’s so. Bizarre.

Anyhow, ten is a nice round number, so Chicago’s favorite artful instrumental post-metal band is doing some special stuff to celebrate. On October 19 the German label Viva Hate will release a ten-album vinyl set comprising the group’s four LPs and three EPs, packaged in a wooden box—similar to treatment the label gave its recent Agalloch set. It’ll be limited to a run of 500 copies.

On October 23 the band will mark the occasion with a performance at Bottom Lounge with the Life and Times. The show will also be the debut of an as-yet-unnamed Pelican-inspired doppelbock—”one of the few styles of beer all four band members regularly agree upon,” the PR notes—brewed by Three Floyds. The beer will be available at select Chicago locations for a limited time after that, and yes, some of it will be in bottles (of the 22-ounce variety). I have a feeling that a limited-edition beer from Three Floyds released in tandem with a limited-edition deluxe vinyl box set of artful instrumental post-metal is going to be too much to handle for those poor folks who inhabit the middle segment of the Venn diagram that shows where beer geeks and metal geeks overlap.