No longer just a DJ set.
  • No longer just a DJ set

Local instrumental-heavy-metal unit Pelican is playing a just-announced show tonight at the Owl in Logan Square as part of Craft Beer Week. This avian-themed event is called Craft Beer Week Is for the Birds, and is a Goose Island-sponsored party that boasts a huge array of specialty brews and originally was to feature a DJ set from Pelican, a band that has at least one mega beer nerd in its roster. The guys in the band, who are just getting home from a handful of dates out with east-coast shoegaze band Nothing, decided at the last minute to swap out record crates for high-volume amps and turn the party into a sort of “welcome home” show from their trip. Things at the Owl are about to get very loud.

As with all shows at the Owl, tonight’s is free. Music should start around 10 PM.