I just discovered a site called BlockShopper, which is sort of “lifestyles of the moderately rich and accomplished enough to show up in Google.” People who are more interested in economics than love will like it better than the NYT Vows section. I have to confess it’s a little creepy, but also totally engaging, since I have no idea who’s buying the hideous new condos that are spreading throughout the north side.

I give it three months before one of the lawyers profiled sues the hell out of them, assuming they aren’t sweet-talked by rhetoric like this:

“Those of you from small towns grew up with local newspapers that didn’t limit their scope to the big politicians and the pseudo-local celebrities. To everyone’s benefit, they also covered the everyday folks who made up the fabric of their communities.”

*Title taken from “Fake Talking Heads Song” by Liam Lynch, which I apologize in advance for finding really funny.