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I’m not a huge Bears fan,* but I wanted to express my appreciation to Alex Brown, whose block of a Mason Crosby kick not only saved the Bears’ season for now, but also made sure that Adrian Peterson…

…who, with the game tied and time left for one Green Bay drive, made a physically dangerous HORSE-COLLAR TACKLE on Will Blackmon when he was ALREADY OUT OF BOUNDS thus putting the Packers WITHIN FIELD GOAL RANGE with a couple minutes on the clock and the Bears having no timeouts…

…actually can like leave the house and stuff now.

If you could assign penalties on a stupidity-based curve–the most transparent personal foul you can commit short of punching someone, made in the open field with no one around, in a place where it’s already a personal foul to tackle someone–Green Bay just would have gotten like three touchdowns and Peterson would owe a fine to the city.

Fortunately, because the NFL subscribes to the principle of double jeopardy, you can only get one 15-yard penalty for what amounts to two simultaneous and deeply stupid penalties (IIRC).

* Weirdly enough, I’m a Dolphins fan. The fact that Brett Farve went to the Jets, moving Aaron Rodgers up the depth chart in Green Bay and moving Chad Pennington to Miami, and the winner in all of this has been Pennington and the Dolphins, is absolutely the most bizarre plotline of this season.