Perfect Sound Forever, which was just about the best thing to read about music online through a lot of the 90s long before the hyperlinking hoards caught up, has wonderful tributes right now to musicians who’ve left us recently: Alan Bishop of the Sun City Girls writes an elegy for his collaborator Charles Gocher (1952-2007), and PSF reprints a 1996 interview with legendary producer/engineer/Miles Davis collaborator Teo Macero, who died on February 19.

But maybe this isn’t literally a death announcement: for the summer issue, “dean of American rock criticism” (ahem) Robert Christgau will guest-edit the summer issue. No word on whether he’ll be giving grades, but in later issues Byron Coley and Joe Carducci will edit “rebuttal” issues, which only proves that the medium doesn’t matter as much as we think it does, it all still boils down to Freudian generational conflicts in the end (Mr. Coley, can we have one of your signature Forced Exposure-era anal rape metaphors here?) No matter what, this’ll be fun to read. PSF, if you find yourselves in need of fund-raising ideas, might I suggest a dunking booth?