Phillip Foss and his Meatyballs Mobile

  • Carl Galvan
  • Phillip Foss and his Meatyballs Mobile

After mysteriously getting handed his pink slip last month former Lockwood chef Phillip Foss quickly made good on his threat to launch the Meatyballs Mobile.

Late last Friday the tweets went out and the next day Foss hit the streets in a licensed catering truck he rented from a guy who services construction sites. “This has been so fly-by-night,” Foss told me. “I didn’t even get the vehicle until 2 o’clock on Saturday.” After a brief Labor Day respite watch for him somewhere in the West Loop today dishing out chicken curry, pork shoulder in cola-bourbon barbecue sauce, and meatballs in tomato sauce with mozzarella.

Those are prepackaged of course, at least until that ordinance passes.