• Courtesy of Hometapes
  • Pattern Is Movement

Pattern Is Movement have long held a place in my heart (ever since my friend Dan Levine introduced me to the Philadelphia indie-rock band seven years ago) and tomorrow night they return to Chicago one last time during a monthlong farewell tour. I remember Pattern Is Movement were called “lumberjack rock” when I first heard them, a term that doesn’t really describe the tone of their delicate, minimal songs as much as it focuses on what the band members look like: singer-keyboardist Andrew Thiboldeaux and drummer Chris Ward have an affinity for woodsman-type flannel, sport beards that suggest they spend a lot of time in a forest (though Thiboldeaux shed his for the above press photo), and look like they could make a living chopping down trees.

The music these guys make together seems fit more for a church than the woods. Many of the songs on Pattern Is Movement’s 2014 self-titled album evoke images of sunlight beaming through stained-glass windows—the tracks are whimsically colorful and Thiboldeaux’s gossamer singing has a crystal sharpness that retains a beautiful fragility. As a duo they manage to do a lot with a little, though the band roped in a half-dozen musicians to pull off the quasi-symphonic and R&B touches that appear on Pattern Is Movement. Thiboldeaux and Ward had a grip on genres outside of indie-rock’s circle long before last year’s album: they’d long been covering D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does it Feel)” in concert. At one point they teamed up with the Roots to pull it off live, and Pattern Is Movement finally released their version of the track last year.

Pattern Is Movement play Lincoln Hall tomorrow night for their final local appearance. Make sure you show up early, because they go on first, just before Maps & Atlases. The concert starts at 9 PM; tickets are $17, or $15 in advance.