Do you ever find yourself wandering around the Whole Foods on Kingsbury Street like a lost four-year-old searching desperately for your soccer mom? I tend to avoid the place because I always get the feeling someone’s going to snatch me and do me like the Lindbergh baby. That’s the feeling I had on a recent Saturday afternoon as I was dragged down to this godforsaken nightmare concentration of retail overdevelopment on a hunt for a turkey breast, with the promise of some of the surprisingly good WF barbecue just so I wouldn’t spend the trip sulking.

That’s also the reason I’ve avoided the Kingsbury Street Cafe, which opened a little over a year ago right across the street, and which, in a moment of acute panic upon viewing the Whole Foods parking lot, I demanded we detour to. It’s a breakfast/lunch-only restaurant from a decades-old family-run wholesale baking operation, whose previous posting was in the staff cafe at Harpo Studios (you’ll be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement at the end of this post). After Oprah evacuated, the Dong family moved their HQ here, where once in a while a Volkswagen Touareg vacates a spot on the street and a Lexus RX Hybrid swoops in to claim it.