I’m a little bit behind in listening to Onion Radio podcasts, so I wasn’t aware until recently that they are now sponsored by the “new 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.” The ad bumpers at the end of each episode inform us not only that the Jeep Wranger Unlimited has “more room to move the crowd,” but also that it is the “original vehicle of hip-hop.” (Relevant TV ad here.)

Where do you even start with how wrong that claim is? That Jeeps didn’t get massive in hip-hop until the New Jack City/CB4 era, when hip-hop was already a decade old? That if hip-hop had an “original vehicle” it would probably be a New York subway train? And, as far as I know, there’s no International Rap Music Committee handing out endorsements on anything, so don’t be trying to make me think this is as official as it sounds. Plus, aside from the Nino Brown-style Jeep craze, the Wrangler’s always been way more popular with preppy dudes and girls who look up to Sheryl Crow as a role model. If it’s the official vehicle of anything, it’s cracker-ass motherfuckers who want you to think they’re really into camping. 

But if we should pick an “official vehicle of hip-hop,” what do you think it should be? I’d vote for a BMX bike with a boom box taped to the handlebars.