Steve Benen labels the stream of half-assed attacks on Obama “pinata politics.” Right now they’ve got the Ayers, socialism, welfare, and ACORN balls in the air–which is not only a lot, it’s also all pretty dated (whoever can come up with a fresh, effective smear stands to make a pile). Billmon has more on ACORN.

This, incidentally, is why I haven’t been able to get especially riled at the McChaos campaign’s frantic meme-tossing. At this point I wouldn’t trust Rick Davis to clean my fridge, much less get a well-known and heretofore fairly respected senator elected to the presidency.

Update: I totally forgot about the latest, the Obama campaign’s small-donation flood.

Update II: Rick Davis: sure, maybe we’ll use Rev. Wright too, why not. Clearly they haven’t found the right leftovers to microwave.