The little Flash video game at Pinback’s Web site is hardly going to take the place of NBA Street Homecourt as the center of my day to day existence. But November Fireflight‘s a pleasant enough diversion from actual work, with pleasantly dreamy design and non-stressful gameplay that sort of approximates what it would be like to be a really stoned member of Pinback. As an added bonus, the duo’s upcoming Autumn of the Seraphs (which comes out September 11 on Touch and Go) plays in the background.

I haven’t listened to Autumn too much yet, but I kind of like it, which is surprising. I saw them play the day that I moved to Chicago, and their supremely long and unexciting—okay, boring—show led me from just sort of not liking them to thinking they were an absolute shit band. I’m something of an expert at holding grudges, but Autumn‘s good enough for me to let this one drop. Good job, guys. High fives.