Jay Mariotti quits. Given that his real and only talent is as a drama queen, I consider it a smart career move.

Update: A forward-thinking editor would replace him with someone from Baseball Prospectus. Just saying.

Update II: So Deadspin is passing on word that Mariotti wanted to write about Obama, and so did Rick Telander, but it was Telander’s turn, and so Jay quit. Seriously. For the record, here’s the SOP Rick Telander column that ended Jay Mariotti’s tenure at the Sun-Times. Really, that’s what did it.

If this doesn’t convince you that Jay Mariotti’s monomaniacal obsession with his ill-tempered, short-fused bete noir, Ozzie Guillen, was nothing more than one man’s psychological warfare against his own demons, I don’t know what will. It’s like the Larry Craig saga, except meaningless and boring.

Now go read something good, like Gary Smith.

Update III: Sun-Times editor Michael Cooke weighs in with Michael Miner. He’s not taking it very hard. Clearly, we’re all winners today.