Pink Torpedos demo

  • Pink Torpedo’s demo

There are a lot of garage-rock bands in Chicago, so it’s easy to lose track of them. Over the past couple of years one of my favorites, Pink Torpedo, has kind of flown under the radar, which is too bad, because they’re a really great band. Pink Torpedo, like pretty much every other cool band in town, is made up of members from a bunch of other already cool bands (in this case, current and former members of Canadian Rifle, Catburglars, and Meat Wave). They play your typical, punky garage rock, but add a sleazy, dark, creepy edge to it. Their demo, which was recorded when the band first got together, is available to listen to in its entirety on their Bandcamp site. Sharp musicianship meets trashy vibes for an exciting, excellent listen. A few months ago the band took to the stage of the Burlington to perform a set of Stooges covers, and in my eyes, there’s no band in town better able to pull that off. Pink Torpedo plays a free show tomorrow at Cole’s in Logan Square.