Nerd alert: Tomorrow, 3/14/2012, is American* Pi Day, the day commemorating the mysteriously constant ratio between any circle’s circumference and diameter, and the day where you obnoxiously recount all the digits of pi you can still remember from that fifth grade Pi Day competition. (3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971, since you’re asking me—the secret is memorizing five digits at a time.) What was the best part of that competition? Eating the π-shaped pies kids brought in because they were slightly nerdier than the rest of us at nerd school. The awesome, nerdy people at the Illinois Science Council sent us a list of bakeries and restaurants keeping that tradition alive, and I pasted it in below the jump.

*In most countries, where the day precedes the month in the calendar date, Pi Day falls on July 22, since 22/7 is the simplest fractional approximation of pi. Knowing that is really just an excuse to celebrate twice.