• Beejay Oslon and Gerrit Lewis of Pipeworks

What, another Kickstarter campaign? This time for a frickin’ craft brewery, instead of some band’s next record or an in-progress documentary? Can’t anybody just take out a small-business loan anymore? It’s almost like banks are only interested in helping people who already have huge piles of money.

Upstart mad beer scientists Beejay Oslon, 29, and Gerrit Lewis, 26, aka the Pipeworks Brewing Company, do not have huge piles of money. And they’re trying to raise $30,000 through Kickstarter by January 1. As of December 13 they’re just short of 18 grand.

Why should you help, assuming you have any damn money yourself? Because this gift will keep on giving back. If you help a band you love pay to make a record, you’ll have that record to enjoy, but barring a radical change in the music business the band will likely end up hat-in-hand again when it comes time to make their next album. If you help Pipeworks start their business, though, odds are good it’ll take off—in the first half of 2010, the Great Recession notwithstanding, U.S. craft beer sales grew 9 percent while overall beer sales fell 2.7 percent. That means Oslon and Lewis will be able to keep making beer without bothering you for free money again. I’ve met these guys, and one way or another they’re going to be making beer till they die. Given that they’re excellent at it—more on that after the jump—wouldn’t you like to be able to buy some?