This makes the third Pipeworks beer I’ve reviewed in six months of writing this column—excessive from certain points of view, I admit, but restrained when you consider the alarming number of releases the brewery has rolled out since October. My excuse today is that Pipeworks posted to Twitter that they were “very proud” of Raspberry Truffle Abduction, and the last time I heard such strong language from them, it was cofounder Beejay Oslon telling me he thought Citra Ninja was the best beer he’d made so far—a sentiment I turned out to share. (Two more batches of that double IPA are on the way.)

Of course, the good word is well and truly out about Pipeworks, and Raspberry Truffle Abduction has provoked a minor frenzy. I grabbed a bottle at the Binny’s on Marcey on Thursday ($12.99 plus tax), and in the 20 minutes I spent in the store, the shelves were cleared of two full rows of it. Beer manager Adam Vavrick told me it’d been moving like that all day.