Feeling lucky? Well, we’re not, just realistic. That’s why we’re predicting these winners in these key races when the counting’s done. And no, they’re NOT endorsements. –Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke


President: Barack Obama. Going out on a wing with this one.

First Congressional District: Bobby Rush. Maybe next time opponent William “Dock” Walls should go for water rec.

Third Congressional District: Daniel Lipinski. My daddy really is bigger than your daddy.

State senate’s Fifth District: Rickey Hendon. Too many “white” candidates split the vote.

State senate Seventh District: Heather Steans. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

State senate 20th District: Mick: Rich Bradley. Ben: Iris Martinez. Really, what difference does it make?

State house 26th District: Not incumbent Elga Jeffries, that’s for sure.

State house 40th District: Deb Mell. She’s running unopposed, but her dad, Dick, is still sweating it.

Water Rec: Frank Avila, Diane Jones, Mariyana Spyropoulos. Avila wins because of his son Frankie’s wheeling and dealing (and general competence); Spyropoulos wins because of her dad’s deep pocket book (nice mailings!); and Diane Jones wins because Rickey Hendon got her on everyone’s palm card (Hmmm…).

Cook County state’s attorney: Howard Brookins Jr. He’s got the worst credit rating but strongest base. 

Recorder of Deeds: Ed Smith. Because he actually wants the job. Oh — and another thing: the mayor wants it.

Board of review: Joe Berrios. As the saying goes: the Stroger-Berrios tax machine rolls on.