Park District officials are sobbing because the Bears are trying to shake them down for the $70,000 bill for resodding the turf at Soldier Field.

This comes on the heels of Park District officials sobbing because the Bears shook them down for the $10,000-per-game costs of paying security guards to pat down fans who came to games.

Will Park District officials ever realize they climbed into bed with some of the world’s most notorious cheapskates when they consummated their wretched Soldier Field deal with the Bears? As any fan can tell you, the next check the Bears voluntarily pick up will be their first. They’re so cheap they tried to stick Dick Butkus, their greatest middle linebacker, with the medical bills for his broken-down knee. Mike Ditka had it right when, as a player in the 60s, he said they throw around nickels like they’re manhole covers. (Halas promptly shipped him off to the Eagles.)

The people who should be crying are property tax payers. The Soldier Field deal costs so much that the Park District and the city can barely afford Millennium Park, which is why they’re leasing downtown garages on the cheap (second item).

You can’t really blame the Bears, though. It’s not their fault Mayor Daley signed on to such a lousy deal.