Penelope Skinner's The Village Bike was scheduled to open at Profiles Theatre in August.

Penelope Skinner, the British playwright whose 2011 play The Village Bike was scheduled to open at Profiles Theatre in August, has withdrawn the rights to the script after reading this week’s Reader investigation

Her American agent, Scott Chaloff, released this statement from Skinner to the Arts Integrity Initiative:

When the article in the Chicago reader appeared, it was sent to me by a number of artists in the American theatre community and beyond it. Having read the article, alongside their emails, I feel it essential to withdraw the rights of my play ‘The Village Bike’ from that theatre. In light of the serious allegations made against the management, it would seem unwise for a production of this play – or indeed any play – to go on at that theatre until a full investigation has been made into their practices. I regret that it is not always possible from outside a community to hear the rumours of what goes on inside. Thank you to the brave actresses who came forward and to the writers of the article for raising awareness, and for giving the wider community an opportunity to take action.

The Reader has emailed Chaloff to seek further comment from Skinner.