The Logan Square DIY spot called the Mopery is throwing its last show ever this Saturday at 7 PM. Historically friendly to unfriendly-sounding music, the venue is going all out with a 12-band bill that includes a happy mix of raunchy punk, loud-ass metal, and wrenching noise. Highlights include Running, Loose Dudes, Paper Mice, Unmanned Ship, Sun Splitter, Ono, and Tiger Hatchery.

To give you a sense of the night’s blowout potential, the last band (Lechuguillas) is scheduled to go on at 4 AM. Yes, you heard me right. That gives you something like nine hours to stop by and bid farewell to one of the better DIY venues in the city. The Mopery’s been run by some supremely solid dudes.

Oh, and the show’s free. What’s not to like?