Rahm Emanuel and Bob Mariano
  • Rahm Emanuel and Bob Mariano

There’s not a lot of room for news in the downsized Sun-Times, but there was blanket coverage Sunday of the local supermarket scene: a full-page profile of Mariano’s owner Bob Mariano; two stories (here and here) on shoppers adjusting to the loss of Dominick’s, some of whose stores have been taken over by Mariano’s, others by Jewel-Osco; and a column by Mary Mitchell marveling at the Mariano’s she visited and wishing the chain would open a store south of 35th.

The supermarket package was touted on the front page under the heading “What’s in Store.” There was a picture of Bob Mariano.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” Don Corleone advised his son Michael.

“What about advertisers?” Michael wondered.

“Marry them,” said the Don.