Authorities in Fairfield, Iowa, confirmed Tuesday afternoon that after a door-to-door canvass of the area, police had identified the house where filmmaker Usama Alshaibi was allegedly beaten early Sunday morning, and that police and investigators from the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations were questioning witnesses.

Alshaibi told police he was disoriented after being punched and kicked in the head and called racial slurs at a party, and couldn’t remember which house in his Fairfield neighborhood had been the site of the attack.

“We’re interviewing people who were there and trying to get as much information as we can to determine whether or not charges should be filed, and what charges should be filed,” Tim Dille, attorney for Jefferson County, in which Fairfield is located, said in a phone interview.

“It’s being investigated as an assault. If it’s determined that an assault has occurred, the Iowa Code has provisions for a hate crime enhancement, and if it’s determined that’s appropriate, we will charge [suspects] with that.”

Dille said no suspects had yet been identified. “We’re just trying to determine who was involved, what happened, and the exact set of circumstances that did occur,” he said.