New York-based screening series The Future presents the “Recession Cookie” and “Bent Mirror” international video programs as part of Version>09 “Immodest Proposals,” which runs through May 2.  The two programs feature selections from McSweeney’s Wholphin DVD magazine and Brooklyn’s Waverly Films, as well as films from Georgia, Palestine, Israel, Sweden, the U.K. and Italy.  “Recession Cookie” is Monday at 8:30 PM at Sonotheque, 1444 W. Chicago.  $5.  “Bent Mirror” screens at 10 PM, following Best of the Rotterdam VHS Festival at 8:15 PM, at The Bakery, 1854 W. 21st Place.  $1-3.  Here’s a selection from Rotterdam, and a Jerusalam-shot piece by Future co-curator and featured filmmaker Shoval Zohar: