I am just going to get right to the point and say it: shit is fucking crazy out there, what with the “legitimate rapes,” the mass shootings, the fact that a wave of violence can sweep over huge sections of the third most populous city in America and very few people will pay attention because the victims aren’t white, et cetera. I keep expecting somebody to blow up the planet or something. We could all use a treat.

That treat comes to us courtesy of globetrotting DJ and Fool’s Gold label cofounder Nick Catchdubs, who’s also an all-around nice guy. He’s taken the already bananas French Montana track “Pop That”—which has a huge Luther “Luke” Campbell sample and a video costarring Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne that makes being a rich rapper look even better than usual—and somewhat unimaginably turned it into something even more bananas by upping the Luke and putting a moombahton-goes-trap Munchi beat behind it. It’s almost too ridiculous to even deal with. It should make a perfect intro to the weekend and a pleasant distraction from the imminent explosion of the planet.

Hit the jump for the goodness.