For what? For nothing. Another mirage. Another financial sinkhole. Another empty, endless, dirt-filled lot.

Lynn Becker laments the destruction of Michael Reese Hospital. Here’s Becker’s 2009 Reader story on Michael Reese, with photographs by David Schalliol.

I use that term very advisedly, Success. I think he was a success in many respects, doing what he did, doing what he decided to do in the ’50s. Just not in the more conventional meaning, as in financial success. The upshot was, he had was a co-creator of a very renowned pioneering TV show, Stud’s Place, which you’re probably familiar with, and as a result of the political decisions my father made, and the rest of the cast were very much in sync with it, the show was dropped.

Thereafter he had a hard time finding other work for quite a few years until WFMT came along…

Anne Elizabeth Moore talks to Studs Terkel’s son, Dan Terkell.

And unlike songbirds, parrots, and hummingbirds, each of which must learn their vocalizations from adult teachers, flycatchers—Willows included—emerge from the egg knowing the song dialects particular to their species.

Meera Lee Sethi on flycatchers.

This Thursday, my second Driver’s Safety session, was a carbon copy of last week’s with a couple exceptions: this time, an old geezer in the front row stated that the reason he had to take this class was because he’d run over a judge crossing the street downtown near the Daley Center (Miss Linda actually sat down to properly enjoy that story.)

Dmitry Samarov continues to navigate the bureaucracy.