• Sting

If you’re reading this right now, the world didn’t end yesterday as you had feared or hoped. Or maybe it did, and we’re all living in a postapocalyptic hell that looks strikingly similar to every day that came before this one. In honor of the end, I asked Sarah Frier—Reckless Records lifer and charming local weirdo—about the fate of music in a postapocalyptic land. She time traveled and sent this bananas letter from the future. *Spoiler alert*: Sting’s legend lives on.

“A Connecting Principle”

Dear Uncle B,

When the Great Library at Old Chicago was found I guess it was like about 1,000 years after the End of the World? I dunno. It was way before my time. But it was quite the sensation, so I hear. Well, I mean, among The Reading anyways. Not that you can like really blame folks who have decided to condemn it. Technically, reading did once get us all into a metric shit-ton of trouble.