The dark sound of Melbourne trio My Disco isn’t lean in as much as it’s gaunt—emaciated even. The postpunk trio’s tracks so often work in fits and starts, not really riding any sort of steady beat or rhythm but rather stalking one like at any second they might pounce on it and launch into a full gallop (though they rarely do). With such a stark approach it makes you wonder why it took the dudes five years to put out a follow-up to the hypnotic Little Joy—but let’s just be happy that it’s imminent. Severe is due out on Temporary Residence come October 28, and I’ve crowned the first track released from it, “King Sound,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track (they’ve since dropped “1991” too). Beginning with a quick crash and a faint, dissipating buzz that comes to reflect the noise of crickets chirping in the distance, the track eventually pieces itself together around a bass and floor-tom stomp which grinds and halts and builds momentum by collecting dark noise along the way. And the repetition of the title, which constitutes the track’s only lyrics, becomes freakishly unnerving by the conclusion. I don’t know if there’s an album I’m more excited for this year.