Oh, great. Just what we needed: Four hours of radio consisting of bloggers no one knows about yapping about blogs no one cares about.

Robert Feder throws down about ChicagoNow’s new WGN show. Which hasn’t happened yet. On his, um, :Vocalo blog. Perhaps blogging is going to his head. (Look, I listened to hours of :Vocalo before complaining about it. Come correct.)

Full disclosure: I don’t actually listen to radio, except for sporting events, WFMT, occasionally 848, and sometimes BBC documentaries when I’m trying to sleep. I do like Krista Tippett’s American Public Media show Speaking of Faith, which I mention in part because she’s doing a live event on Monday at Fourth Presbyterian Church. She’s a thoughtful journalist and an outstanding interviewer (at least the equal of the more renowned Terry Gross) though she’ll be the subject of the questions on Monday.