The Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing opened with a splash May 16, grabbing headlines and drawing accolades from near and far (never mind that crabby “predictable” from the Times of London). 
But no one came farther to praise it or was more inspired than Eloise W. Martin, who coauthored a May 15 Chicago Tribune op-ed piece with AIC president James Cuno, explaining how the Art Institute will now be able to display the whole “world’s artistic legacy,” allowing visitors to see that “however desperate we might become, however hungry, poor, dispersed and subject to violence, we still adorn ourselves and the places we inhabit with objects of beauty.”  
This was a remarkable feat given that Martin, a longtime Art Institute benefactor, went to donor heaven on October 13, 2008, at the age of 93. Although the Tribune identified her as the AIC’s current director, she hasn’t been seen around there much since then.
This may be new evidence of the genius of Renzo Piano or simply a good reason to reflect on the naming-rights frenzy that has brought us titles like Cuno’s. He is President and Eloise W. Martin Director of the Art Institute of Chicago.