Lots of people reading this blog probably think of indie-community radio station WLUW on the Loyola campus as a good source for lefty talk radio, ska specialty shows, folk, underground metal, garage rock, dance music of many sorts, world music (with the Reader‘s Peter Margasak) and the kind of music that makes you think there’s something wrong with your radio. All this is true, but a cursory glance at their full programming list shows the diversity is really rather mindboggling.

If you’re in a mood for music that will literally take you to church, there will be a benefit event called “The Gospel Through Music According to WLUW” at the First Church of God Christian Life Center, 1524 Simpson Street in Evanston, on March 24 at 6 PM. (For further information call 773-493-4338 or 773-991-7566.) The event is curated by WLUW’s three (!) gospel-music hosts, Minister Willie Jones (Power in the Praise), Reverend Dr. Yolanda Freeman (Worship the Lord, Phase 2), and Bob Marovich (Gospel Memories). The list of performers is long and locally illustrious: check the listings at the station’s home page, linked above.