• The Ape of God

Formed in 1999, Old Man Gloom is a sort of on-again-off-again experimental hardcore supergroup, cofronted by three heavy metal giants: Aaron Turner of Isis, Nate Newton of Converge and Doomriders, and Caleb Scofield of Cave In. Every few years, this beastly team will emerge from the shadows, drop a massively heavy record, and disappear once again (there was a solid eight-year gap between their last two releases, 2004’s Christmas and 2012’s No). A few days ago Old Man Gloom announced that their seventh release, The Ape of God, would be coming out on 11/11, and along with that came a couple of preview songs, including today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Predators.” Old Man Gloom is a band that never disappoints, and the new material encompasses what makes them so great: the band strips the techy and spacey vibes of its members’ full-time projects in favor of compact, brutal, sludgy nuggets of rage suspended in passages of electronic meltdowns. Scofield takes the lead vocal on “Predator,” his growl powerful and scary. Check it out below.